Virtonomics is Expanding the World of Cryptocurrency Beyond the Tech Geeks

This ICO wants to turn the cryptocurrency market into an accessible one for the prevailing majority

Tokentops: Virtonomics ICO Review

Virtonomics wants to bring answer to millions of monthly queries on popular search engines related to phrases like "online job" or "online earning". They want to provide these jobs in interesting and creative way through an online game, which will be a MMO Business Simulator.

What is Virtonomics Business Game Simulator and ICO?

The name reminds me of Virtual Economics. Because quite frankly that is what it is. Virtonomics is a business with a history and they are now launching the Vicoin ICO. Here is where it differ from other businesses that are launching ICOs. Virtonomics is not a new business. They have been in the virtual economy development business for 10 years with over 2 million registered users. It is a place where the members can simulate businesses and quite frankly it took me a few days to get it because there are so many parameters to set.

Vicoin: Fundamentally New Paradigm In The Crypto World

Virtonomics is a business strategy game based on real world economy. The game has been on the market for more than 10 years with a huge pool of individual players and business customers (2 million registered users worldwide), constant in-flow of new clients and a top position in Google search.

ICO analysis: Virtonomics

We present the second ICO analysis about project Virtonomics

Business Showcase: Virtonomics – Irish Tech News By @SimonCocking

Virtonomics aims at creating cryptocurrency based on a radically new paradigm of its generation immediately in the business simulation game.

'Mining' and 'Digging': critical overview

What is mining? It is a complex computational process under a special algorithm for the formation of new crypto-currency blocks.

How to earn cryptocurrency in online business game?

With the fast spread of blockchain technology, Virtonomics is introducing a new dimension to the strategy game experience - cryptocurrency Virtonomics!

InnMind together with its partners continues its series of ICO analyses

Today we offer you to have a look at another token project - Virtonomics. Our goal is to make the ICO market more transparent and structured for everyone eager to invest. With our analysis, you can choose interesting projects to invest or simply learn more about ICO as a financial phenomenon.

It seems like Bitcoin is getting its head out of the clouds

According to coinmarketcap, its price lost of about 29% during the week and equals now of about $14.000. Capitalization exponential growth turns out to be not quite coherent with the Bitcoin degree of integration into the real life. Undoubtedly, this fact is considered to be one of distinguishing peculiarities of so-called ‘bubble’. According to the majority of analytical forecasts, Bitcoin is to fall three times in 2018-2019, what thus will approximate its capitalization value to a more reasonable one.

Prevailing number of ICO is based on the ERC20 standard by Ethereum... this very standard is associated with the development and appearance of the most popular today Blockchain tokens. ICO (Initial Coin Offering) involves selling tokens to investors, and not their mining. For successful implementation of this idea tokens should be somehow identical to the native currency in Blockchain technologies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example.

Cryptocurrency market changes and grows drastically

coming out of the shadow and identifying its members. It is already even possible to officially pay with cryptocurrency at some places in some countries, while means reach their receivers within the shortest possible time and with minimum possible commission. Main advantage of such transactions is NO need for intermediaries, such as, for example, banks and brokers. Aforementioned significantly facilitates the process itself.

What is the difference between ICO and IPO procedures? Why has the project chosen ICO?

The ICO as well as the IPO have some common features, but there are also some differences. ICO and IPO have a common purpose - raising funds for development. For clients, the main goal is to generate profits on the exchange rate differences.

What’s a token? Why that?

Token is a digital asset, which is being sold during the ICO campaign. Token in our project is an internal unit of account , local currency, which can be purchased directly or earned during the game (educational) process, what is a unique property of our project, so-called 'digging'. Main difference between 'digging' and 'mining' is a direct relationship between the number of tokens obtained and success in tasks' completion during the game on our platform.

Virtonomics cryptocurrency

Review from Dr. Dalius Serafinas,
Prof. at Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration;
President of International Guild of Quality Professionals
President of Lithuanian quality management and innovations association

Michael Novogratz was one of the first to predict cryptocurrency rapid growth a few years ago...

...what was definitely no mistake. In June this year Novogratz was already not so optimistic, explaining that cryptocurrency market experiences the largest bubble ever seen. Besides, the second most popular cryptocurrency (Ethereum) is reaching its maximum.