Cryptocurrency market changes and grows drastically

coming out of the shadow and identifying its members. It is already even possible to officially pay with cryptocurrency at some places in some countries, while means reach their receivers within the shortest possible time and with minimum possible commission. Main advantage of such transactions is NO need for intermediaries, such as, for example, banks and brokers. Aforementioned significantly facilitates the process itself.

Cryptocurrency is a great way of funds diversification, as nowadays financial market unfortunately doesn’t provide us with such a high profitability.

Cryptocurrency market, even with its high yields, is not at all a financial pyramid. These technologies actually solve all the main financial market problems and operating difficulties, as the turnover becomes more convenient and profitable for the market members.

The process of acquiring cryptocurrency is rather difficult itself: banks are quite suspicious of ‘grey’ transactions and often block that of cryptocurrency exchanges (where it is possible to purchase coins for closest to the real one prices).

In case of VICoin, you deal with an absolutely legal game asset, which has nothing in common with so-called ‘shadow’ sector of economy. The process of VICoin earning is transparent and obvious. Regulations on the cryptocurrency market will not affect Virtonomics project due to its total transparency as well as due to the ‘digging’ process being legal in our virtual game.