Michael Novogratz was one of the first to predict cryptocurrency rapid growth a few years ago...

...what was definitely no mistake. In June this year Novogratz was already not so optimistic, explaining that cryptocurrency market experiences the largest bubble ever seen. Besides, the second most popular cryptocurrency (Ethereum) is reaching its maximum.

To the best of our knowledge, bubbles occur in sectors fundamentally changing the world. Undoubtedly, despite being the largest possible bubble, cryptocurrency will continue growing in terms of its price and market value.

There is no use denying advantages of Blockchain technology. If storing information and money using Blockchain, there is no possibility of these data having been lost or forged, so any market participant is able to make sure of your financial solvency.

The number of users with the latest mining equipment is expanding each day, while it is becoming more and more difficult to mine cryptocurrency. Our world is hungry for new ways of earning, accessible for mass audience.

According to main market needs, new Virtonomic$ project aims at creation of a new way of cryptocurrency extraction. The project aforementioned is worth while paying attention to, as it is not just a new coin, but an ICO based on the final project, already existing for 10 years. Shortly speaking, Virtonomic$ is a well-known virtual business simulator game. Successful ICO in such case aids in creating a better and more convenient and understandable infrastructure based on the existing and reliable Ethereum technological platform. Additional way of cryptocurrency generation, so-called 'digging', occurs during the realistic business simulation game process where users set up and develop their virtual companies, trade and compete with each other, expand business ecosystem in a virtual economic space.

Expanding the Virtonomic$ project according to existing competences and skills is inevitable on this concrete stage of project realization, as ‘digging’ is easy to understand for mass audience, particularly for people familiar with the basics of business. It is considered to be not just a way of fund-raising as for usual ICO, but rather a way of enhancement of a final product.