Virtonomics cryptocurrency

Review from Dr. Dalius Serafinas,
Prof. at Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration;
President of International Guild of Quality Professionals
President of Lithuanian quality management and innovations association

“I have a very high opinion about Virtonomics. This is one of the best learning resources available online. Its participants have a unique chance to train and master their practical business skills without opening an actual business. Simulation scenarios are exact copies of what we can see in real life which is very practical indeed. One can be confident that using such an incredible tool will ensure his understanding of the complex economic and management processes.

The idea to introduce the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining to Virtonomics platform is truly revolutionary. Its ecosystem is going to be integrated into the real world economy. It means playing this simulator is going to turn into profitable establishment for its talented and most skilled participants.

Best regards,
Dr. Dalius Serafinas”.