What’s a token Why that

Token is a digital asset, which is being sold during the ICO campaign. Token in our project is an internal unit of account , local currency, which can be purchased directly or earned during the game (educational) process, what is a unique property of our project, so-called 'digging'. Main difference between 'digging' and 'mining' is a direct relationship between the number of tokens obtained and success in tasks' completion during the game on our platform.

Selling tokens during ICO aims at raising funds for project further development and providing opportunity for our project members to earn real money using our simulator or to trade tokens on various exchanges.

Generally, prospects for token value growth are related with its limited number and its demand connected with service popularity and need to use. Tokens in our project are issued only once at the ICO stage, so there will be no additional issues.

It is significant to mention that token doesn't imply sharing ownership or company's assets. Token acts as payment method on Virtonomics platform and allows for not only the most complete immersion into the game process, but also for the opportunity to earn real, non-virtual money.

ICO, at the very moment, is the easiest and most progressive way to attract funds from all over the world. Moreover, the use of tokens and their 'mining' on our platform can become an additional factor highly raising our platform's attractiveness and making our game more interesting for millions of crypto-enthusiasts, as it allows our members to earn real money!