Virtonomics – multiplayer economic game,
where users earn VICoin cryptocurrency

You are given 2 ways:

Become the owner
of a VIC-generating company

  1. Purchase a generating asset for 1000 VIC
  2. Create a virtual company and hire managers
  3. Gain up to 230% of VICoins on year

Become a top-manager
of a VIC-generating company

  1. Purchase a working license for 1 VIC
  2. Get a job as a top-manager in a generating company
  3. Manage the business and receive VICoins
Pavel Durov
The founder of Telegram
"US pilots started to hone their skills on flight simulators as early as in the 1970s. It proved to be cheaper and in some cases more effective than training sorties. Today, anyone can get the basics of driving by auto simulators or learn to manage a company in Virtonomics business simulation game."

Virtonomics: Key Facts

Trust project, 10-years-plus on the market
World’s most prominent MMO business simulator
Over 2 000 000 registered users
Audience is represented by gamers, managers, entrepreneurs, students
Top notches on Google
Available in multiple languages
Virtonomics is a massively multiplayer online economic game (ММО), a global business simulator that emulates the activities of economic agents. The ecosystem of a virtual economy spans hundreds of various industries in multiple sectors such as extraction of mineral resources, manufacturing, retail, services, utilities, IT, scientific research, etc. In the game, users create and develop their virtual companies and run all core business processes found in real-life businesses. In Virtonomics game, users owning and managing their virtual companies actively interact and compete with each other, acting as consumers, suppliers, partners and rivals.
VICoin (VIC) is the utility token of Virtonomics application based on smart contracts of Ethereum blockchain platform. It can be earned in Virtonomics economic game, being in free circulation outside Virtonomics ecosystem.


Virtonomics ICO
Igor Smirnov, Business Development Director, Worldwide Expert Conferences Ltd

Allocation of tokens

ICO. Allocation of tokens

Expenditure pattern of ICO-raised funds

Problems to be solved

Growing mass demand on online job offering and earnings on the Internet

  • 5 000 000 000 – monthly number of search queries related to "job online" and "earn online"
  • 500 000 000 – number of people willing to work and earn online at the very moment

High financial, technological and intellectual barriers of cryptocurrency mining

  • large investments and overheads along with declining profitability of mining
  • complexity of mining process as an earning tool for the mass market


For cryptocurrencies to become a truly massive phenomenon, it is initial to provide a much clearer and more familiar way of its generation (production) in addition to industrial mining as itself.

Virtonomics divides the platform for cryptocurrency creation into two processes:

Mining of blocks, left for professionals providing the technological basis of the cryptocurrency

Digging as the activity which is meaningful and comprehensible for the general user, while delivering the value of and demand for the cryptocurrency


The Competitive Edge

The total number of people with even superfluous knowledge of blockchain technologies, mining, cryptocurrencies and their mode of operation accounts for no more than 0,01%
The bulk of people with understanding of business, entepreneurship and management counts at 20% (2000 times as much)
No need to be a miner to earn cryptocurrency
Digging assets price from USD 50 (by an order of a magnitude less than mining expenditures)
Zero overhead costs
Low transaction costs

Virtonomics: Ecosystem


Using dedicated smart contracts, the Ethereum blockchain will store the data on:

Usage modes

Virtonomics ecosystems for earning VICoin

You are the person who decides on the management of your virtual company and digging units

Hiring staff for high-performance management and scalability of virtual companies earning VICoin.

How to earn VICoin tokens

  1. Create your account in MMO business simulator
  2. Start building and developing your virtual company on the Crypto game server (select it in the settings)
  3. Buy a "digging" unit for VICoin
  4. Enhance your virtual company and gain VICoin using digging assets

How to use VICoin tokens

  1. Accumulate VICoin for speculative resale
  2. Use VICoin when purchasing virtual digging units and other paid game entities for cryptocurrency generation
  3. Trade in VICoin on cryptocurrency exchanges
  4. Naturalize VIC by purchasing real goods and services of project’s affiliated companies (online stores, online games, educational services)


Simon Cocking

Senior Editor at Irish Tech News, Editor in Chief at cryptocoinnews, and freelances for Sunday Business Post, Irish Times, Southern Star, IBM, G+D, and other publications.

Simon is also a business mentor and advisor working with 20+ successful icos to date. Being marked on 10 global Twitter influencer lists during last 12 months, Simon is also an accomplished public speaker at such events as tedx, Web Summit, Dublin Tech Summit, and also as that overseas in Dubai, Singapore, Moscow, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Tbilisi, Riga, Porto, Dublin and Helsinki.

Dr. Dalius Serafinas

Associate professor at the Faculty of Economics, Vilnius University.

President of Lithuanian Quality Management and Innovation Association. Owner and Director of business development at CJSC “Kvaitetas”.


1 Stage
(Q1 2018)
  • Building blockchain infrastructure of Virtonomic$ platform
  • Limited issue of VICoin tokens for the ICO
  • Redesigning algorithms of Virtonomics business simulation to match the tasks of the cryptocurrency platform
  • Redesigning and streamlining business simulation interfaces for mass user
  • Preparing and launching the ICO
2 Stage
(Q2 2018)
  • Releasing Virtonomic$ business simulation in the base functionality (cryptocurrency generation, self-contained economy, digging units, new UI, labor market etc) in English, Russian and Spanish
  • Beginning to build the network of partner services accepting VICoin as payment
  • Promo campaign for Virtonomic$ project and VICoin cryptocurrency
3 Stage
(Q3 2018)
  • Releasing the second milestone of the updated Virtonomic$ functionality (OpenData integration, expanding the functionality of the Virtonomics alternative market)
  • Further project localization (translation into Korean, Japanese, Chinese, German, French and Portuguese)
  • Widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • Promo campaign for the Alternative Labor Market project
4 Stage
(Q4 2018)
  • Launching Virtonomic$ mobile app
  • Developing Virtonomics console apps (Xbox, PlayStation)
  • More widening the network of partner services accepting VICoin
  • 500 000 users in 2018, tentatively 3 000 000 in 2019

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